As an Optimization Psychologist, certified Master Life Coach, Master Mindset Coach and Master Transformation Coach, I have supplemented over 5000+ hours of educational delivery with training in a plethora of highly effective self-optimization techniques. I have a background in leadership, motivation and mentoring. I create instructional and coaching techniques to produce engaging, informative content that reaches and inspires individuals. My experience overcoming my own challenges has allowed me to see firsthand the value of controlling your mindset. You can redefine who you are and how you think to consistently improve. I can show you how.

We all need an opportunity to vent, to process and to learn in order to grow. My mindset reconditioning techniques can help you reduce unhelpful and self-defeating thoughts and eliminate patterns of behavior that hold you back

Vent to reinvent as you reflect, challenge and overcome whatever it is that is holding you back! You can get to where you want to be! I can help. Let me support you in your self-optimization quest as you work toward being a better version of yourself.