Mindset Reconditioning & Accountability

Mindset Reconditioning:

As an expert in psychology with a research background in the impact of mindset, I know how to confront damaging mindsets and recondition your thinking to help you thrive. You can control your mindset, I can help you.


Why do some many New Year's resolutions fail? Because simply setting a goal isn't enough. You must adopt effective practices and be held accountable. I can help you follow through on your commitments to get what you desire.

Don't accept mediocrity and let your excuses hold you back. No matter where you are, there is room for improvement. Valuing who you are now is a good thing, but so is working hard and seeking challenges to consistently get better. Settling and taking time off will always leave you dissatisfied. Temporary respite is never fulfilling. We derive pride and motivation from doing and improving.

If you’re struggling to move forward on your self-optimization path, don’t fret. I can help you overcome your stumbling blocks by teaching you to recondition your mindset. Every day, you work on making small changes to become a better version of yourself.

I bring a unique spirit of vibrancy, humor, and toughness to coaching you toward greatness. Accountability is key but so is feeling comfortable and supported. I'm ideally suited to provide you with all three.

Once you’ve learned to implement these life changing techniques, you'll always have them. You can take what you learn with you to more effectively confront new challenges that come your way. You'll be better prepared to keep moving forward on your self-optimization path.